Long Fingerless Gauntlet Gloves - Weak thin skin protection (pair)

Long Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves


Full length gloves give full length warmth and protection, seamless, soft, and breathable. Bruising easily in older people is very common. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent it apart from wearing protective clothing, which is the best and easiest intervention. Limbkeepers are cool, soft and effective for frail, fragile or elderly skin. Our long fingerless gloves are sometimes called arm protectors with thumbs or gloves.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Fabric Details

96% Ecomade Coolmax® Polyester
4% Lycra® Spandex
Coolmax® Special Blend.


Long fingerless gauntlet gloves sizing diagram


Supplied in pairs

Made in the USA  

Made in the USA

Supplied from the UK 

We are UK owned

Care Instructions:

Machine wash warm or cold with like colours, no bleach. Tumble dry low heat or air dry. (As with any knitwear, do not wash or dry with velcro products)