Adjustable Bath Stool with Non-Slip Seat - Perfect for Seniors

Product Description: Designed to provide bathroom assistance, this Adjustable Aluminum Bath Stool Spa Shower Chair is perfect for individuals who may need extra support and care in the bathroom. Whether it's for the elderly or those with mobility issues, this product is an ideal choice for care homes and other environments where assistance is required. Crafted with an aluminum frame, this stool is not only strong but also lightweight. It is highly resistant to water damage and decay, ensuring its durability over time. The four legs of the stool can be adjusted to six different heights, allowing you to customize it to your preferred level of comfort and convenience. The oblong seat of this shower chair is slightly curved to provide a comfortable sitting experience. Additionally, it is fitted with a padded block for added comfort. To prevent water build-up, the seat also features drainage holes, ensuring a clean and safe showering experience. Stability is a key feature of this shower chair, thanks to its non-slip feet. These feet prevent the chair from moving around when in use, providing you with a reliable and secure seating option in the shower. With dimensions of 39-52H x 52W x 39.5Dcm, this shower chair offers ample space for comfortable seating. The seat itself measures 52W x 30Dcm, providing a generous area to sit on. Furthermore, this chair has a maximum load weight capacity of 136KG, catering to individuals with different body types and weights. Assembly of this shower chair is hassle-free, making it convenient to set up and use. However, it is important to note that the blue seat should be dried up after each use to avoid any potential mustiness. Features: - Ideal for the elderly and those in need of extra assistance in the bathroom - Strong, lightweight aluminum frame - Adjustable height with four legs - Comfortable oblong seat with padded block - Drainage holes for water prevention - Non-slip feet for added stability - Dimensions: 39-52H x 52W x 39.5Dcm - Seat dimensions: 52W x 30Dcm - Maximum load weight capacity: 136KG - Easy assembly process - Please dry up the blue seat after use to prevent mustiness