Dunlop - Ladies Slippers - JULIET

Dunlop - Ladies Slippers - JULIET" Description: Indulge in comfort and style with these elegant Ladies Floral Dunlop Slippers. Crafted with the utmost care, these slippers combine the renowned quality of Dunlop with a fashionable design that's perfect for the modern woman. Originating from a legacy of tire manufacturing, Dunlop has seamlessly transitioned into creating indoor footwear that prioritizes comfort and reliability. With a history rooted in Lancashire, their factory began producing exceptional slippers with rubber soles, reflecting the smart technology used in their pioneering tires. With an enviable reputation, the Dunlop brand extends its excellence to its slipper and casual footwear range. Each pair is thoughtfully designed with creative trims, innovative fabrics, and a strong emphasis on providing a superb fit and exceptional comfort. The Juliet model slippers boast features that ensure a secure and comfortable fit, such as a memory foam sole and an adjustable velcro fastening strap that allows for customization if needed. The floral pattern, delicately displayed on the inner border and velcro strap, adds a touch of elegance to these slippers - making them the perfect choice for any lady, irrespective of age. Whether it's a Birthday or Christmas gift, these slippers are an ideal present for your grandma who seeks warmth, protection, and style as the temperatures drop. Conveniently, they are also machine washable, making life a little easier for her. Choose between two beautiful colors - a navy/cream style or a charming rose pattern - and select from sizes 3-8 UK for the perfect fit. Product Features: - ✔ Branded Dunlop slippers - ✔ Memory Foam Cushioned Insock for ultimate comfort - ✔ Floral Pattern for a touch of elegance - ✔ Adjustable velcro touch fastening strap for a secure fit - ✔ Slippers with back for added security - ✔ Hardwearing rubber sole for durability - ✔ Available in Shoe Size 3-8 UK - ✔ Branded badge on bottom of the foot and on side tag for authenticity - ✔ Dark Rose and Navy Cream color options available - ✔ Machine Washable for easy maintenance