Folding Bed Rail.

Enhance your nighttime routine with the HOMCOM Folding Bed Rail. Designed to provide safety and assistance for individuals over 65, this bed guard is the ideal solution for those seeking a more secure and comfortable bed experience. Constructed with durable steel, the frame offers strong and reliable support, ensuring peace of mind throughout the night. The folding feature allows for easy access to the bed, making tasks such as changing sheets or getting in and out of bed a breeze. In addition to its functional design, this bed rail features a convenient 30 x 31cm side pocket. This pocket provides a convenient storage solution for keeping small items close by, ensuring easy access whenever needed. Installation is quick and hassle-free, saving you precious time and effort. With the HOMCOM Folding Bed Rail, you can rest assured knowing that you or your loved ones are well-supported and secure during sleep. Key Features: - Durable steel frame for reliable support - Folding design for easy access to bed - 30 x 31cm side pocket for convenient storage of small items - Quick and hassle-free installation for added convenience