Seniors Care Walker

Introducing our Walker with Wheels in a sleek Black and Red design. This walker is designed to provide utmost comfort, durability, and ease of use to individuals who may have limited mobility due to age or other factors. With this walker, you can regain your independence and move about easily. Constructed with a sturdy iron frame and soft nylon fabric, our walker ensures both strength and comfort. It is equipped with adjustable height settings, making it suitable for users of different heights. The comfortable padded seat provides a cozy resting spot, and there is a convenient pouch under the seat for added privacy and security of personal items. The walker also features a removable, hinged, padded backrest that can be folded up or down as per your preference. Its casters with soft grip tires are perfect for navigating both indoor and uneven outdoor terrains. You can confidently rely on the easy-to-use deluxe loop locks and brakes with serrated edges, which provide a firm hold and ensure your safety. Specifications: 1. Product Load Capacity: 286.6lbs / 130kg 2. Wheel Diameter: 8 Inches 3. Cushion Material: PU Leather Sponge MDF 4. Dimensions: (20.47 x 25.59 x 33-37.4)" / (52 x 65 x 84-95)cm (L x W x H) 5. Material: Iron Tubes & Nylon Fabric 6. Color: Black & Red 7. Weight: 16.76lbs / 7.6kg 8. Cushion Dimensions: (13.78 x 12.99 x 1.57)" / (35 x 33 x 4)cm (L x W x H) Package Includes: 1 x Walker Attributes: - Adjustable height for users of different heights - Comfortable padded seat with privacy pouch underneath - Foldable and removable padded backrest - Casters with soft grip tires for easy maneuverability - Deluxe loop locks for effortless use - Brakes with serrated edges for a secure hold