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Knee Sleeves - Medium Weight. Knee protectors for seniors (pair)

Knee Protector Sleeves


Designed to be used as under sleeve for knee brace, protection for post knee surgery scarring and healing, or from hazards of daily activities. Our knee sleeves are non-compression and so very comfortable to wear

Fabric Details

60% Polypropylene
37% Nylon
3% Elastane
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Sleeve length: 10”
Small Circumference: 12″-15″
Medium Circumference: 15”-18″
Large Circumference: 18”-21”

For sizing: Measure 4″ above the centre of the knee cap

Diagram of sizing for knee sleeves

Unisex - supplied in pairs

Made in the USA  

Made in the USA

Supplied from the UK 

Supplied throughout the UK


Care Instructions
Machine wash warm or cold with like colours, no bleach. Tumble dry low heat or air dry. (As with any knitwear, do not wash or dry with velcro products)