Leg Sleeves - Regular/Heavy Weight. Fragile frail thin skin on legs, Diabetes or Raynauds (pair)

Our heavy weight, thicker knit leg sleeves protect more susceptible fragile or thin skin from impact that result in injury and dangerous skin tears. Limbkeepers leg sleeve protectors are used  for thin skin on legs are not just for the elderly with frail or fragile skin, but for anyone who needs to protect their legs from bumps, bruising and skin tears due to thin skin on legs. Taking preventive measures to maintain skin integrity and provide a healing environment will help seniors age-in-place safely. We take  wound care for elderly thin skin seriously -so should you - even sports people benefit from using Limbkeepers leg sleeves to protect their shins from damage when engaging in sporting activities.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Fabric Details

89% Polypropylene
8% Nylon
2% Lycra® Spandex 
1% Elastic
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ONE SIZE – length 15″ (38cm)
Fits calf circumference up to 14″ (35.5cm)
Unisex -Supplied in pairs

Sizing chart for Limbkeepers heavyweight leg sleeves

Made in the USA  

Protect frail skin with these American protectors

Supplied from the UK 

Fragile skin protectors supplied in the UK

Care Instructions

Machine wash warm or cold with like colours, or bleach. Tumble dry low heat or air dry. (As with any knitwear, do not wash or dry with velcro products) 

Protect thin skin on legs with Limbkeepers

Thin Skin On Legs
Thin Skin on Legs