ComfortMAX Memory Foam Elderly Care Pillow | Optimal Neck and Head Support | Correct Sleeping Posture

Upgrade your sleep experience with this Orthopaedic Memory Foam CONTOUR Pillow, perfect for seniors seeking comfort and support for their overall well-being.

The Memory Foam CONTOUR Pillow is an Orthopaedic pillow specifically designed for individuals over the age of 65. Its unique contour effect provides optimal comfort and promotes correct body alignment, resulting in a restful and comfortable sleep. This high-quality memory foam pillow supports the natural contours of the neck, head, shoulders, and back, eliminating painful pressure points. Regular use can also improve sleeping posture, allowing muscles to relax and promoting a healthy spine. Additionally, this pillow can help reduce snoring, stress, and insomnia. Experience a more natural sleeping position and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Product Measurements: - Height: 9cm - Width: 48cm - Depth: 29cm Package Content: - 1 x Memory Foam CONTOUR Pillow