Pick Up Tool 12 Pack

MAGNETIC TIP: It allows you to pick up small metal items such as keys or paper pins. The soft tip provides a gentler collection of fragile objects. Grab small, large or odd-shaped items from the ground with ease.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Made from high-quality aluminium, this picker grabber tool is easy to carry and use. The body structure is durable, and the grip handle has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort to use by right-handed and left-handed people.
LITTER PICKER GRABBER STICK: This multi-use item will be your helping hand whenever you need it. The garden leaf collector you didn't know you need it. Improve your life with this rubbish picker
MULTIFUNCTION GRABBER: This handy reacher will help you pick up anything you need without any effort. If you don't have enough strength to grab items due to an illness, this tool can improve your quality life
GRABBER STICK: This hand tool extension can be a life-changing help for those with mobility difficulties. Wheelchair users, elderly or disabled people's daily life can be easily improved with this disability aids picker. The ideal helping hand grabber to reach objects on the floor if bending over is not an option for you.

Dropped your Glasses behind the sofa? A small screw has rolled under the kitchen cabinets? The TV remote has fell on the floor behind the TV? Or maybe you just have a bad back and can't bend down... Then you need our Grab and Grip with a Magnetic Tip. No more time wasted trying to access those awkward places or unnecessary bending over, make your life a little easier with this pick-up tool.
Lightweight, sturdy and easy to use, our grabber stick is designed with a comfortable grip for anyone to use: right-handed, left-handed, elderly or disabled people. The simplest mechanism to obtain items beyond reach: squeeze the trigger to open and close the jaw around the object and move it where you wish.
It has a wide range of uses from picking up litter from the ground, leaves from your garden. One of the most useful tools to have around in the house.