Shiatsu Back Massagers for Neck, Massage Chair with Deep Tissue Kneading

ADJUSTABLE COMFORT: Massage height and width range in the back and neck can be changed. This back massager with heat suit people of different heights, between 5'2-6'1.FOUR-POINT SHIATSU, FOUR-PART VIBRATION: Two kneading points on back and two on neck, with two vibrating points on the back and two on seat. You can also add heat to the back area for extra relaxation.COMPRESSING MASSAGE: Works on the arms, thighs, and hips, with compressing airbags which work on the muscles to improve blood flow and relieve soreness.CAR ADAPTER: This massage mat can also be used in the car - great for relaxing over those long journeys. Portable design means you can take it to the office too, or simply keep in your house.DIMENSIONS: 78H x 52W x 39Dcm. Seat: 52W x 38Dcm. Seat thickness: 4cm. Back: 78H x 49W x 19Dcm.